What is Real Health and How do We Achieve it? Learn about the new direction for this site.

Kate Freer, master herbalist, researcher, and writer.

Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

It has been awhile since I have published a blog here. I have been reviewing my goals for the material for this blog and for myself.  I spent many hours taking courses to get certifications as a health coach involving several kinds of different coaching and counseling practices such as NLP. I realized this year that too much emphasis is being placed on herbs without taking the whole body, mind, heart, and soul into consideration.

Years ago when I took my Master Herbalist training, I realized that it was not complete.  I worked with clients who were not being healed because of the inward blocks to their healing such as inner loathing, childhood pain and trauma, divorce pain and so much more.


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Herbs are not enough for complete healing.

My herbal training was in herbs and how to apply herbs but not dealing with our inner demons that prevent us from being well and being successful in life. I became very frustrated that most of the people who sought me out needed inner work.

At the time, some 37 years ago, I was going through divorce and had my own internal battles to fight.  I stopped working with clients.  I did not deal with the inner work then or in the years after that because I had a job, three kids, and was in a fight for economic survival.  It seemed that there was no time to do that inner work because life was survival. 

I know some of you out there are going through life saying I don’t have time to deal with that death of a loved one or the pain of that divorce.  I remember I was going to buy a bumper sticker at the time saying,” I don’t have time for a nervous breakdown, I am just TOO BUSY!. ”  Is that you? 

What is Real Health and How do We Achieve it?

Jiaogulan, the immortality herb.

Jiaogulan, the immortality herb for health and wellness.

I originally felt the emphasis for this website was just going be about adaptogens, ayurvedic herbs, and herbs that support longevity and immortality but somehow this did not seem in my heart all that this site should be. 

Herbs, even immortality herbs cannot work properly if our immune function is impaired. To be really effective, we must deal with the stress, the anger, our painful past, and the un-forgiveness in our life. 

All these negative emotions affect our thyroid, our whole endocrine system, our immune system and every system of the body. They are the reason we eat too much, eat the wrong foods, drink too much, or drive ourselves into exhaustion.  They are the root of our depression, anxiety, and losing who we really are and what we need to be.

Are you still sick despite taking herbs and alternative medicine? 

Without dealing with these negative emotions, we cannot get well, even taking the best herb formulas.  I learned this the past several years as I took care of my father in law, a retired navy commander and 94.  I was the only one who could handle him.  The anniversary of his death is on the 26th of this month.  I took care of him 24 hours at the last stage. When he died I was drained completely mentally and physically.  He died angry, mad because he was dying. He was angry until the last of his breathes and his way of dying devastated me. He willed himself to stop eating and drinking water and to die. It was his choice and he carried it through. I don’t know if he got over being angry at God either. He was a man who would not discuss dying or his beliefs. 

Why your herbal program may not work.

I got sick in the ending weeks of his life and stayed sick most of last year.  The herbs did not work.  Even antibiotics did not work.  Nothing worked.  I could not get well.   I then realized that there was no choice but to deal with not only the emotions involved with his dad who I loved as a daughter but much junk emotion from the past.  Emotions left over from my divorce, my mothers death, and the death of people I had taken care of. I had never taken time to grieve or process those deaths fully. I had just carried on through all of it, until the weight of all that unprocessed grief became a weight that took my health down. That started a journey into dealing with the inner me. This started a quest to heal my health through clearing out all of this emotion.  I have recently began college courses on healing the inner heart, soul, and mind.  In a year I will be doing client counseling but for now it is my journey. 

What is immortality and real health?

It is health that radiates from the inside out.  It is health that comes from cleaning out and then building up all the layers that make you who you are.  It is emotional health, heart health, mind health, and physical health.  Immortality herbs are part of the building up process.  However, they cannot work as effectively unless you rid the system of garbage you have collected in your heart, mind, and soul.  Immortality is also how our soul leaves this world. It is about dying with peace. Immortality means our soul, if we are at peace, will go forward into the next step with joy and peace rather than with anger. Living well and being healthy in your mind, heart, soul, and body doesn’t mean we won’t die but we will die with peace. I personally believe the soul lives on after the body is done with this earth.

Announcing a new direction for this website and helping you with your health!

So I am announcing a new direction for this site that not only includes adaptogen and Ayurvedic herbs, Medicinal mushrooms and so much more  that contribute to longevity but blogs and articles on improving your health through inner work cleansing.  You need to know how negative emotions, grief, child hood trauma affect our health and longevity.  We cannot be well in the real sense until we address some of these issues.

That is one reason people will say that they tried herbs and they didn’t work.  They are NOT dealing with the underlying problems in their health including diet, lack of exercise, and emotions that are destroying their health.

The Ayurvedic System of healing and why it is so complete for real health.

That is why Ayurvedic medicine is one of the best healing systems because I has known for 5000 years that healing starts from within involving the heart, mind, and soul.  This system of healing deals with all these underlying causes for dis-ease and imbalance.  It is a healing system with principals that work on all these areas of true health.  It takes years to become an expert in Ayurvedic medicine, and at 68 that is a little late to get there. 

In these blogs and articles I will be giving you some of the main principals of this system that you can use in your life to live longer and with more inner peace and health! 

Write me at herbladyisin@yahoo.com with comments or on this site as well.  

Have a blessed week! Cathryn Freer, the herbladyisin

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