Upgrading To An Ayurvedic Diet: Five Secrets of Good Digestion


Today I am highlighting below an excellent article on digestion.  The problem with many of us is not making time to eat properly, eating on the run, eating too much right before bed or eating the standard American diet.  There are many thousands of patients  taking medications for stomach acid problems that just need education on the negative ways they are eating meals.

Many of you take prescription medications for stomach issues. Here is the problem with these drugs:

Side effects of OTC antacids and prescription antacid drugs?

  • Antacids may cause dose-dependent rebound hyperacidity and milk-alkali syndrome.
  • Antacids that contain aluminum hydroxide may cause constipation, aluminum-intoxication, osteomalacia, and hypophosphatemia.

Digestion is so very important to immune function and to overall wellness. My life is busy too and at times I have to really sit myself down and say hey, lunch and dinner is important. Put down that project you are working on and make a really good meal.  Don’t wait until two hours before dinner to figure it out.  For some of us, this has to be a conscious decision to eat more nutritious meals.  If you don’t do this you may get headaches, indigestion, fatigue, and over all ill health.

Remember you need to keep your immune system healthy by eating with better nutrition in mind.  Ayurvedic medicine really stresses digestion as one of the basics of health. I love this system of healing because it works on creating health overall on every level.  This healing system works to get to the root causes of ill health and less than optimal health.  So please read this article in full. You won’t regret it.  Stop reaching for your Tums and get to the real cause of your stomach discomfort.

Upgrading To An Ayurvedic Diet: Five Secrets of Good Digestion

The majority of Americans suffer from occasional digestion problems: gas, bloating, stomach discomfort, constipation, heartburn, and fatigue after eating.

The act of eating is life-giving, and the process of digestion, according to Maharishi Ayurveda, is critically important. Eating for maximum benefit requires awareness, and is important for the development of consciousness as well as our physical health.

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