Moringa Oleifera Leaves, their Benefits and Exceptional Nutrition as a Super Food!


Moringa Seedlings

Grow Moringa Oleifera seedlings for your own fresh leaves.


Moringa Oleifera Leaves- Super Food- Survival Food- Super Nutritious!

 Moringa Oleifera is not an herb but a tree whose leaves are one of the more nutritional food sources in the world today.

Moringa Oleifera trees naturally grow in places like India and Honduras but are now grown in Hawaii, Florida, Southern CA, and in other US states with a mild winter climate.

You can grow a Moringa tree almost anywhere in the US, but in areas with freezing temperatures, they must be brought into your house or a heated greenhouse during the winter. They can be grown in large 22 gal tub or lg deep trash can with good drainage. I grew them that way in Nevada when we lived there. 

Learn About the nutrition in Moringa Oleifera leaves below

Moringa and its nutritional values.

Chart showing the nutrition in Moringa leaves.

Moringa Leaves

Moringa Leaves

Moringa leaves contain exceptional usable nutrition including all 8 amino acids, iron, calcium, protein, Vitamin A and C, and all the nutrients needed for great nutrition and health.

Moringa leaves are  a super food which is easy to digest. Moringa leaves contain protein and iron just to name two, for those of you on a vegan diet. Moringa can be used as a survival food.

There are very few foods other than Moringa that you can grow yourself and are complete with all the nutrients for great nutrition and that can sustain life.

You can find fresh Moringa leaves sold in farmers markets and Asian markets in areas where there is a large Asian population or where the climate is mild such as Florida. You will not find the fresh leaves in your local market elsewhere. That is why so many people are unfamiliar with Moringa leaves.  Call around to the various Asian markets in your area for product.  If unavailable, then the internet is your only choice or grow your own trees.

Moringa Leaves

Moringa leaves as a survival food

Moringa leaves are being used in projects in countries like Africa to help stop starvation. In those countries, babies often die before their first year of life due to malnutrition. The children suffer from many deficiencies including Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They don’t receive enough Calcium, iron and protein to thrive. Moringa contains all of these nutrients in a very usage form for the body to utilize.

Even in the United States, there are children who go to bed hungry and rely on the school lunch program for meals. Our kids today are obese, some with health problems as children due to the fast food they eat. So kids here in the US need to have better nutrition for which Moringa can play an important part.

The elderly are another group of people who often eat poorly due to income, illness,  and depression. Some of them cannot chew food well or have serious problems with their digestion. Since it can us utilized in juice or smoothies, it would be a great food to improve their diet and health.

We have veterans homeless and eating dog food. Moringa is nutritious, easy to digest, and can be added to any juice, water or food. Moringa would boost the nutrition of both the elderly and our veterans.  

Women today work jobs, then come home and work even harder. They often are worn, run down with no time to cook or eat well.  Moringa can be the bridge to help keep them going through the endless chores at home and work.

Moringa is a valuable addition to your pet’s diet as well since most pet foods are deficient in all the nutrients your pet needs. You just mix in a  1/4 to half a tsp to their food. Rabbits and chickens will eat it fresh off the tree.

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