Meditation….If I CAN do it …You Can too!

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash






Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

Meditation is part of Ayurvedic health.   There are thousands who make meditation part of their morning or nightly regimen.   Not everyone has joined the meditation train in my age group.  I think that one of the reasons why is that they always show a young person sitting with  legs, which many of us who are older just cannot do. 

 I think those pictures defeat the real purpose of meditation which is to free your mind and get into a healing mode for body, mind, and spirit. Another issue is that meditation and prayer are not in conflict as many believe.  Meditation does not have to focus on a particular religion or belief.  You don’t have to be part of a Middle eastern religion to take part in meditation. 

I can tell you for years I tried and failed at meditation. My mind is always active and slowing it down is very difficult.  It wasn’t until I began taking classes to get my Life and Health Coach Certification that I finally got it. 

Meditation classes were part of my lessons needed to get the certificate.  I had also come into a area of my life where I could not even seem to find peace despite the fact I pray.   There were so many questions in our lives being seniors and with both of us trying to recover from Tick diseases, that I signed up for a number of classes including Mindfulness’ Training.  Those classes were the best thing I did in the last several years.   If you have tried it before and couldn’t seem to clear your mind for meditation, I will suggest online classes. 

Meditation….If I CAN do it …You Can too!

One thing I found is that certain meditation music irritated me, just like some classical does.  In listening to a number of different meditation music tracts, overtime I discovered what music I needed to find that quiet place inside myself.  So different meditation tracts affects each of us differently…so explore different ones until you find the one that appeals to your inner soul.  

I found that listening to the tracts depending on the video that goes with it makes a difference as well.   

  • Not all of us our limber enough to sit in yoga poses.  I am 69 with curvature of the spine and it is not what I can do.  I personally sit in my easy chair with arms relaxed, legs relaxed to listen to the tract. 


  • You cannot get into a quiet place when the yoga position causes pain.  If you can sit in a yoga pose with your legs crossed, that is great but it is not a have too. The idea is to be in a relaxed position so that you can get into the meditation.  


  • Persistence is important since active minds needs to work more at meditation that people who are more mellow.  If you have an over active brain, then you must realize it does need rest.  Your brain needs time to repair itself and to detoxify as well.  Meditation gives your brain and your body rest and uplifts it in so many ways.

Meditation….If I CAN do it …You Can too!

  • It is important, to find a time without distractions, even if you have to get up 2 hours before your husband or family. I woke up at 3 am wide awake.  Instead of lying there, I got up put on my favorite meditation tape, and had a really great two hours. The house was still, my husband was asleep and no chores needed to be done.  I often do that. 

The whole day went well after that two hours of meditation, quiet, and just peace.  With all the political stuff going on, there are many people who are having trouble sleeping.  It is imperative you turn off the headlines, the news, your computer and cell phone for more positive things. 

This morning I made a squirrel feeder for outside our office window,  devised a water bath for the birds, and worked with my plants for the rest of the morning.  The joy of watching the squirrels eat peanuts outside our window was so fun.  I was feeling down having left our chickens and ducks in TN.  Since here in town we cannot have either one, I decided to feed the doves and squirrels in our front yard.   It did wonders for the sadness in missing my critters.  There is also a pond we visited where someone let go three domesticated white ducks.  It is a huge pond but they cannot fly south for the winter.  That is the issue with the big white ducks, they cannot fly far. I fed them and talked to them under my feet and made it a goal to check how they are doing when it gets cold, since this  is our first winter here.  I will feed them as well when it snows.  I am not sure they don’t live nearby where someone actually just lets them go on a pond walk-about.   There are several houses across from the pond. I will run a check on them every two or three days. 

Along with the ducks, many wild ones, there were about 50 Canadian geese.  It was great to watch them as well.  It gave me great joy.  Often in life, it is the small joys that give us the greatest joy in our hearts.

All for Now,

Cathryn Freer, the Herbladyisin


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