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“Education is the key to power in your health. Education is the key to keep your mental functions and memory healthy.”

“It is my mission in these remaining years to teach you so that you can take control of your health, your health care decisions and live life on your terms.”

  • Learn about Jiaogulan (the Immortality herb vine), Adaptogen and Ayurvedic  herb plants for enhanced Aging, mental and physical  Health!

  • These herbs have been used for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine which is still extensively used by doctors in those countries. The people there having used them in their culture in their everyday lives are a testament to their value.

  • Take a fun and telling Dosha Quiz to learn about your individual body type and what Ayurvedic herbs are formulated just for your special constitution…everyone is different.

  1. It is up to you now, your decision to age with vigor, health, and a sharp memory?

Living a long life with both mental and physical health is dependent on many factors including genetics, life style, diet, and your mental outlook on life.

Anger, repressed emotions and rage serve as a basis for illness.  Lifestyle habits including herbs play an important role in achieving overall longevity and health. Knowledge about herbs is power to make decisions for you and your families health.

Using herbal remedies properly requires you to understand your body, herbs, and the proper usage of that herb. Just like cooking with herbs requires some education, so does using herbs for health.

Today, a majority of people are taking at least one major medication including depression or heart drugs. This makes it more difficult to utilize herbal remedies.

Jiagulan Plant

Immortality plants help us to live longer and healthier lives.

There are Exceptional herbs and herbal combinations which do stand out above the others in their overall ability to enhance health and mental health.

These herbs can help prevent mental decline and memory failure. These herbs support the whole body and its systems to work more effectively. Research is documenting their ancient usage for health.

In this site you will learn about some of these special herbs and about the overall healing benefits of many herbs.

Learn about Jiaogulan (the Immortality herb vine), Adaptogen and Ayurvedic herb plants for enhanced aging, mental and physical health!.

What is different about the Immortality Herb Plants Learning Center?

Information that is not presented by biased standard medicine sites or by alternative health writers whose goal is often just to sell products that contain more hype than truth. Weight loss web sites are some of the worst examples.

You will find articles and blogs that teach you about the benefits of different herbs, Jiaogulan, and Adaptogen herbs!

My blogs will also shed light on the safety issues involved with Moringa Oleifera, medicinal herbs, and spices that you may or may not be aware of. This applies to Moringa, spices, and herbs found on every store shelf.

There are hundreds of supplements sold but the quality level depends on the brand. Which brand has quality? Which brand has been tested to assure safety? Very difficult for you to tell that by the label on many products?

Learn about Jiaogulan (the Immortality herb vine), Adaptogen and Ayurvedic herb Plants for Enhanced Aging, mental and physical Health!.

The blogs and articles here in this site will provide you reliable, accurate and truthful information through links, articles, my blog.  You will learn about incredible Adaptogen herbs such as Jiaogulan (the immortality vine), Moringa, Ayurvedic herbs and alternative medicine as you search to find answers to your health issues or just to improve your health.

Thank you for visiting my site, for reading its blogs and pages.  I hope you will return soon, since I will be adding new material every week. 

I wish you health, happiness and joy while you search for better health and longevity.

Now the Legal Stuff

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Medical Disclaimer Below

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  • The material in my blogs, articles and throughout the site has not been approved by the FDA or AMA in this country. There are many views concerning the topics I present, so read different views but not from standard medicine websites with obvious bias against alternative medicine and herbs. 

  • Your standard medicine doctor will know little about what I present here. Take him material to read. Educate him. If he is not willing to consider your views, change doctors.

  • It is always advised to get the expertise of your holistic doctor and his supervision in your path to better health. 

  • The articles and blogs are based on research and how these herbs are used today and for the past hundreds of years.  In many countries still today herbs are used by the people who live in these countries and prescribed by doctors in many Asian countries, Japan, Russia and countless other areas of the world.  

  • You may be new to the world of herbs but herbs were the main medicine used for hundreds and in some cases thousands of years.     This information is vital for you to make educated decisions along your path for better health.

Herbally Yours, Cathryn Freer, the Herbladyisin