Kate’s Recommended Neem, Moringa and Turmeric Products


Kate Freer, master herbalist, researcher, and writer.

Kate Freer, The Herbladyisin

“Banyan Botanicals is the only company that I will support when buying Ayurvedic herb products.

Take their Dosha Quiz to learn about  your body type and which products will specifically help you on your path to wellness. There are some herb formulas specifically formulated  for the individual Ayurvedic body types.   Its a fun quiz and doesn’t take long and will give you insight into how your body works.


All Banyan Botanicals products are 3rd Party tested for heavy metals, contamination, E-Coli and for the quality of the product material.   Review their pagewhich is exceptional for testing their products to make sure they are safe and effective.


The products you are currently buying from other company sources now may contain heavy metals and other contamination.


Unless the company on their website states that they test and states what kinds of tests they perform, they probably don’t. Any company that does test, is proud to tell you about their quality control program.  Organic does not mean tested in this country. Organic product can contain weeds, insects, mice hair and all sorts of natural contamination.  If they test the product in the country of origin such as India, it is not sufficient.  I know that from experience years ago importing organic Moringa powder.  Most of your spices and teas are not tested for heavy metals or other contamination.  This is the truth folks.


We use Banyan Botanical herb products daily in our health regimen. I believe in them and that is why I recommend them to my readers.


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