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Golden Milk Drink

Golden milk drink for your health.

A word from the Herbladyisin on choosing Safe supplements for your family or yourself below

Any product I promote states on its website that the company 3rd party tests for purity, contaminants and heavy metals in a US lab. Many of these products I either use now with my family or have used in the past.

Remember folks, if the company does not clearly state their testing procedures, they probably don’t test here in the US.

You can’t see insect parts, dirt, E-coli, lead when its ground up. You may have a reaction to the product, which is not the herbs themselves but the extras such as insect residue or weeds included.  If you buy on price only, that is often what you will end up with….an unsafe, dirty product.

I do include choices on these pages for both the tablet or capsule as well as the powder version. There are many who just want the convenience rather than fool with mixing the herbs in foods or smoothies.

 Banyan Botanicals…….Doctor’s Best………Zazzee…..Now