How to Use Jiaogulan Tea ( the Immortality Vine) As a Tea

Jiaogulan, Immortality Vine

Jiaogulan or immortality vine growing in our hanging basket.

How to Use Jiaogulan leaves ( the Immortality Vine) as a  tea?

In the last article we discussed how Jiaogulan is an adaptogen herb, a tonic herb,  that has an overall effect of helping the whole body to work more effectively, strengthening the different systems and organs of the body.  It is one of the easiest adaptogen herbs to grow and used once you have some plants growing. You can grow it in any area, as long as you bring it inside if you receive freezing temperatures. 

This vine can be grown in a large hanging basket in dappled sunlight or in the house with some good light.  You can also grow it in the ground, kiddie pools, or  tubs near a tree or wall so that it has something to climb on. It is a plant that is pretty as well as being great for health.

How do you process the Jiaogulan vine plant leaves for tea? 

Jiaogulan, the immortality herb.

Jiaogulan, the immortality herb for health and wellness.

Wait until the plants grow some and its vine is at least two feet long, and then cut the vines off. You can either dry them first or use them fresh in tea. You want to use them as an infusion which means you get the pure water almost to boiling, then take it off the burner, add the cut vine parts or dried tea leaves, then steep for about 15 minutes. It is a very nice tea that is easy on the taste buds.

If it tastes bitter, you brewed it too long.

You can use the Jiaogulan leaves as least twice again, perhaps brewing it longer the second or third time. Keep the used tea leaves in a small bowl in the refrigerator. 

If you are making one mug, use a heaping tsp of the dried leaves and three tsps of the fresh.  I make it in a sauce pan with about a tablespoon of dried and three tablespoons of fresh vine. I buy the dried because at this point I don’t have enough for tea all the time. You can also buy it in capsules as well. 

You can combine Jiaogulan tea with other teas as well. You could combine it with green tea, hibiscus tea, any favorite tea you have on hand. It tastes fine by itself.

This is a tea that you drink everyday and has NO caffeine. It is not a stimulant tea but gently uplifts your energy and vitality.

It is a tonic tea that overtime will help your overall good health. It needs to be given time since it works by strengthening the different systems. You may not feel the difference for a few days or weeks. I did but that may be for many people. If you are tired all the time, you may see your energy improving or just feeling better all over.

This is a good tea to drink after a bout of sickness to get you back on your feet again. I would also suggest taking the capsules as well to speed the recovery from your illness.

Contact me in the spring, I may have some plants to sell.  We are a licensed plant nursery. 

I am including a link to Amazon for the tea. I use Immortiatea Brand and feel it is really great quality. I have been drinking this brand of tea for several months daily.

Jiaogulan, immortality tea

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