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buy organic ashwaganda
buy organic ashwaganda

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Affiliate / Sales Commission Disclosure: Just to let you know, I do make a small commission when you buy from their website or click on product links. This helps me to pay the bills for keeping this site up and providing you with educational material. When you click on product links you will be taken to the main VPK by Maharishi Ayurveda website that is safe and secure if you choose to order there.  You will find a wealth of education on their website about Ayurvedic healing so you won’t regret your visit there.  Their company does not offer bulk Ayurvedic herbs so I do have Amazon links to the only other company I buy Ayurvedic herbs and spices from which is Banyan Botanicals.  If you are interested in bulk herbs and spices scroll to the bottom of the page. They test all their products thoroughly as well. Thanks
VPK By Maharishi Ayurveda sells herbs in tablet form plus skincare products and teas. If you want to buy Quality Ayurvedic Herbs and spices in bulk scroll to the bottom of this page.

What is Ayurveda…the Ayurveda Healing System for health?

Ayurvedic herbs are part of a Ancient healing modality that is still used today after 6000 years. It is precise in the method in which it identifies your particular body constitution, identifying your individual imbalances, then giving you guidance through lifestyle including diet  and Ayurvedic herbs to correct those imbalances. It works through correcting imbalances in the body. Disease is an imbalance that has gotten to the severe disease state where it shows up on lab results and x-rays. If we can correct it in the early period, it is much easier to correct. Cancer and other diseases do not happen in a few days but over time.  Prevention is most important. The Ayurvedic system addresses all areas of life with the imbalances that can occur with stress, bad diet, overwork, and other lifestyle factors.

You will find herbs and herbal formulas to help you sleep, improve your immune and cardiovascular system, formulas for every system of the body. Need a good cleanse product, they have several.  Ayurvedic medicine has many formulas for both the female and male sexual system to make it work more smoothly.  It is a beautiful healing system that really helps to get to the root of health issues. 

buy organic, safe, and effective Moringa Oleifera tablets
Buy organic Moringa

Review Ayurvedic products at  VPK by Maharishi Ayurveda website

Want to see results?  Take the dosha quiz below at the blue link.

I challenge you to take the detailed health questionnaire that identifies your constitution. The herbs you need depend on your constitution and dominant health characteristics. The quiz shows imbalances that need to be addressed by diet, lifestyle and herbs. I was surprised how accurate it pinned me down on constitution.  How herbal formulas affect you and which ones will best complement your individual health situation is the answer to getting results from supplementation

Review Ayurvedic herb and skincare products at  VPK by Maharishi Ayurveda website

Are you buying Safe Ayurvedic herbs?  That is an IMPORTANT question you need to know and be confident about! 
If it states tested in India only, even if it organic certified, that is not enough!   Learn WHY below.

I want to really talk about effectiveness and safety when buying herbs from India and other parts of the world.   You should not buy herbs unless they are tested in the United States for e-coli, salmonella, bacteria,  and heavy metals.  There are many companies selling these products but if you go to their website, it will not state if they test and what they test for. That is huge issue for your health.  I found that out by experience some years ago when importing organic Moringa powder from India. It was supposed to be organic certified but it was full of insect parts, mice parts, and filth.  Unless it is lab tested here in the US, it is not necessarily safe for consumption.  You cannot tell mice parts , leaves, dirt, insects when they are ground up fine and added to the bulk, then put in caps or tablets.

It is the lab testing of the bulk material in a US lab that counts, how and what they test for. An example is tea. Most of the bulk teas are not tested before packaging. I called several companies so I know that is true.  They may say organic certified but it still can contain insect parts and dirt.  Only a lab test can find the dirt or the insect parts.  Bacteria and E-coli is are two others that need lab testing. 

I stopped selling products for almost two years because I just was not confident about any of the companies I had talked too.  It was the past year that I started again studying adaptogens and Ayurvedic herbs to find the answer to my health issues that the western herbs were not working on

I bought Ayurvedic herbs to start the new program and have been impressed on the way they work.  This is why I started this website, to share them with you. I have talked to the people who run the company as well and am impressed with their integrity.   The testing is what finally convinced me to try their products. I was skeptical about buying anything grown in India ….overall.  I had stated often, I was not going to buy from India again.   I have changed my mind on that to the extent of buying from this company.  I do now promote their products on this site and in my business.

Review Ayurvedic products at  VPK by Maharishi Ayurveda website  Visit their page where they tell you the in-depth protocal for testing the products they sell. 

*Buy Effective and Safe  Adaptogen and Ayurvedic Herbs in tablet or capsule form below: They have herbal formulations for every health concern. Text me at 931-636-9599 for questions and to order offline. I will call you back as soon as possible.

The  VPK by Maharishi Ayurveda main store link features quality products including Ayurvedic herbal combinations, single herbs, skin care products, and herbal products  for your total health needs!  You will also be given a discount when you buy through the links on this page.   When you click on the links below, you will find yourself directed to the main website of VKP by Maharishi Ayurveda where you will be able to view videos, articles, educational materials and shop for products.  Quick links below to some of my favorite supplements.
   Buy Organic Moringa Capsules ( the only company I order Moringa from because of their thorough testing for heavy metals and contamination.)
 Buy Organic Ashwagandha Tablets


 *Buy Bulk  Banyan Ayurvedic Herbs and Extracts   ( I buy my bulk herbs and spices only from this company- turmeric is one of them. Some of the herbs are better taken in tablet form.  Banyon is the only other company I buy from for my Ayurvedic herbs.  They also test for contamination and heavy metals which most of the other companies don’t do.

Bulk Herbs-

 Banyan Botanicals Boswellia Powder – Certified Organic, Boswellia serrata – Supports proper function of the joints*

Banyon Bulk Ginger Powder

Banyan Bulk Gotu Kola Powder

Banyan Botanicals Licorice Root Powder – USDA Organic – Glycyrrhiza glabra – Ayurvedic Herb for Lungs, Skin, Stomach

Banyan Bulk Neem Powder

Banyan Botanicals Punarnava Powder – USDA Certified Organic – Boerhavia diffusa – Ayurvedic Herb for Heart, Liver, and Kidneys*

Banyan Botanicals Shatavari Powder, USDA Organic, Asparagus Racemosus, Rejuvenative for Vata and Pitta that Promotes Vitality and Strength.

Banyan Botanicals Triphala Powder – USDA Organic, Balancing Formula for Detoxification and Rejuvenation*

Banyon Bulk Turmeric Powder

Liquid Extracts-

Banyan Botanicals Neem Liquid Extract – Certified Organic, 1 oz

Banyan Botanicals Triphala Liquid Extract – USDA Organic, 1 oz – Balancing Formula for Detoxification & Rejuvenation*

Banyan Botanicals Amalaki Liquid Extract – Certified Organic, 1 oz