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Who are Kate and Marty Freer?  Learn more about our company in Indian Mound, TN.  Proud to be Americans in this great country. We kneel for God and stand proudly for the flag and National Anthem.

My husband, Marty with Indy and Pringles
My husband Marty and our dogs.

The Immortality Herb Plants Learning Center is the educational reach for our nursery business below. I am a research writer and teaching all of you a better way of health is important to me!


Greatly Blessed Medicinal Herbs and More Nursery  is our company name.

Our address: 3104 highway 46, Indian Mound, TN 37079  


My Blog       My Published Articles     Phone (no text):931-534-4088   

Cell (text only) 931-636-9599 

There are too many sites where you have no idea where the business is based or who the business really belongs to. We are proud of our business and who we are so find out more here on this page!

We are proud to be a US based internet business in Indian Mound, TN.  I have had my business on the internet since about 2000. It was originally named Moringa and Healing Herbs.  We moved from CA to TN in 2015.  It was quite a change for us but we love it here.

We wanted to live where there was plenty of water, no water police, and few rules!

The rural area of Indian Mound, 45 minutes from Clarksville met those needs. We are blessed to be off the tornado paths and the winters are mild with only a few inches of snow. Our well is plentiful and we have lots of room.

Our Tennessee Farm
Moringa and Healing Herbs Farm





Our homestead is full of native rich herb and meadow plants including kudzu which is great forage for our chickens and ducks. Here the Moringa trees can only be grown in the spring. They have not grown well here in TN so far. They should, so we are still working on that. The old business didn’t fit TN and our heart goals now. There are times when you just need a different path in life.

I wanted to go back to the core of my training as a Master Herbalist and where my heart is which is herbs, growing herbs, and education. So we are growing vegetables, berry plants of all kinds, herbs, flowering shrubs and will be selling them by September.

Learn about Greatly Blessed Medicinal Herbs Nursery

This summer 2018 our new back yard nursery, Greatly Blessed Medicinal Herbs and more should be approved and inspected.  It is an exciting time in our life! I was raised in the Julian mountain area above San Diego, CA.

I have always been a country girl. This is dream that took years to fulfill!  My husband, Marty, is a converted country guy.   Together we make a great team here in TN

beautiful Appleyard Ducks
Silver Appleyard Ducks




Our  Appleyard Duck Bug Patrol