Moringa Oleifera Leaves Receipes and Meal Suggestions

Moringa Leaves

Moringa Leaves

Moringa Oleifera Leaves Recipes and Meal Suggestions

Moringa trees grow naturally in many countries such as India, Honduras, and the Philippines.  Moringa Leaves are part of the Philippine and Asian diet in many countries. The local people buy it daily at their neighborhood farmers markets picked fresh from the local trees. They may even have the trees growing naturally around their house.

The leaves are spicy and delicious. It is a food they know is healthy and helps make them strong.

Moringa leaves and pods are eaten straight from the tree.

Graph showing the parts of the Moringa tree used .




Here is the United States, most Americans are not using Moringa leaves in their daily live style.  Why?

You may have never heard of it or seen it in any market you shop at. If you live in or near a Asian community, you probably will find the leaves there in the produce department. This is especially true in Hawaii, Florida, Southern California, and perhaps in South Caroline where winters are mild, with no freezes.

There are many great Asian dishes to add Moringa to but you can easily incorporate Moringa leaves into the typical American foods as well.

Moringa Leaves are superior to lettuce, spinach, and most all the fresh leaves you normally put in your salads.

When you eat the leaves fresh off the tree, they are full of healthful enzymes that give your body the power to work more effectively. This is not even talking about all the other nutrition in these little leaves.

Moringa Oleifera recipes featuring fresh or dried Moringa leaves.

Moringa Leaves

Moringa leaves as a survival food.

Fresh Leaves  Picked from your tree!

Enzymes, flavor, nutrition and tastes wonderful! Couldn’t get any fresher than that!

Make hot tea  or add ice cubes for cold tea. It is really refreshing and helps get you going.

Add ginkgo tea or green tea to help you with some mental zip.

Try cutting down on your coffee intake with Moringa tea with ginkgo

Salads Fit for a King

Growing small Moringa seedlings

You can grow your own Moringa seedlings!

Moringa’s fresh leaves are super in any kind of salad. Add Moringa leaves along with spinach, red lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and mushrooms. Top with sunflower seeds or other seeds and nuts such as walnuts.

Boost the Nutrition in your Sandwich-

Don’t use head lettuce use Moringa leaves!  Moringa leaves add lots of nutriton, enzymes, are organic, and give it some zing!  Add to tuna and spread on crackers!


Use Fresh Moringa leaves as a topping or add the powder the dip mix.

Add as a topping to cottage cheese.

Soothing and Nutritious Health Tea

Steep leaves in boiling water for a few minutes. Then strain.

I sometimes add ginko, jiogulan  or green tea as well to the Moringa tea.

You can either steep the fresh leaves or used the dried tea. The amount of dried tea depends on the strength that tastes good to you.

Great relaxing tea before bed to help you sleep. When you take it in the morning it gives you stamina and energy without caffeine.

Pizza and Italian Dishes

Add Moringa leaves after it has cooked in the oven and still hot. Just sprinkle the leaves over the top.

This makes a great nutritious topping especially for a vegetarian pizza, or any Italian dish.

Moringa Green Drink Supercharged

6 ounces cranberry juice or your favorite

6 ounces water

1 tablespoon Spirulina Powder

2 tablespoons Moringa Powder

1 tablespoon Life Source Green Drink

2 tablespoons Fiber powder

Blend in the blender and serve.

My husband and I fix this green drink every morning. It gives us energy for he whole morning, cuts cravings and appetite helping you to maintain or lose weight. It tastes great too. If you want it less strong cut the green ingredients down to teaspoons to start out.

Yummy Nutritious Green Smoothie

Put yogurt into a blender with the a above ingredients.

Add fresh or frozen fruit

Add a little fresh juice

Add flaxseed

Moringa Milk

2 caps Moringa powder

organic milk or goats milk, honey, stir…..its a simple energy boost!


MoringaQuiche and Egg Dishes

Add Moringa leaves to Quiche as you would spinach and top omelets with the leaves

Add them to the omelets at the last to preserve vitamins and nutrients destroyed in cooking.

Moringa / Coco No Bake Health Balls

Vanilla Wafers Ground into fine powder

Two tablespoons of Moringa powder

Two globs of chunky peanut butter to hold the mix together

1 tsp or more Mexican Hot Chocolate mix with cinnamon and spices.

1 to 2 tsp of sugar depending on taste or honey

Mix all of it together and roll into balls. You can make these less sweet or more sweet according to your taste. You could add chocolate chips to the balls. It depends on how healthy you want them regarding the sugar and calories.


Moringa Pods can be eaten at different stages of maturity as well as the Moringa Flowers!

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